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Starting a Notary Business

is the next logical step if you:

  • Want to become independent of the 9-5 world and operate as your own boss
  • Need an extra stream of income on the side of your current job
  • Want to learn how to start a notary business from home without exorbitant startup capital

The 2-12K Club gives you access to a cutting-edge training program – one that provides you with the tools you need to achieve complete financial freedom. Formulate your own working hours and craft a fulfilling business. This is what being financially free looks like.

The Myths About Being A Notary

Myth One: You Can Only Notarize Your Documents At The Bank

How often have you heard the following: “I don’t need a notary; I can just do it all by myself”. Would you like to know the truth? Having a notary at hand is essential if you consistently sign documents. Banks are limited in their scope, as they cannot notarize wills, real estate documents, or power of attorneys. A trusted notary can. Consider this myth debunked.

Myth Two: Notaries Only Make Money By Completing Loan Closings

Closing loans is but one way to earn a lucrative salary as a notary, but it is NOT the only road you can travel. Other pathways to financial freedom include notarizing deeds, wills, power of attorneys, apostilles, and so much more. Clients are always on the lookout for a cost-effective and streamlined notarization. By starting a notary business, you can fulfill a need and break free from your current 9-5.

This Course Is Your Golden Ticket To Breaking The 9-5 Chain

You can be one of the thousands to benefit from the 2-12K Club. We’ve taught countless individuals how to start a notary business from home. With their newfound financial freedom, they have been able to rid themselves of a soul-sucking office job and, instead, travel the world in search of new adventures.

What would financial freedom do for you…?

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Andre C. Hatchett

Some men (and women) were born to do business. Mr. Hatchett is philanthropist and entrepreneur with national recognition. With close to 20 years of experience, Hatchett has launched three highly profitable enterprises – Priority Notary Inc., Manhattan Apostille Services Inc., and New Jersey Apostille Services Inc.

A born trailblazer, Mr. Hatchett successfully commandeered multiple corporations through the financial crash of 2008. Using his commercial expertise, Andre Hatchett has crafted a set of courses to help you chart your path forward in business. Are you ready to learn how to start a notary business from home? Enroll in our course and end the 9-5 cycle.

Do you want to meet a business teacher, entrepreneur, and philanthropist worth national acclaim? Andre C. Hatchett founded Priority Notary Inc., Manhattan Apostille Services Inc., and New Jersey Apostille Services Inc. Mr. Hatchett operated these three titan notary businesses over the course of three years, steering them through a period of economic recession.

You too can live a life of economic freedom just like Andre. Simply enroll in the 2-12K Club and learn from the best. Discover how to craft a recession-proof firm and life a fulfilling life of financial freedom. With just a small sum of money to start up, you can commandeer an ever-growing lucrative business – regardless of the state of the economy.

What Comes With Joining Our Community?

  • Mobile Fingerprinting Academy

Learn what you need to know about the lucrative mobile fingerprinting industry.

  • Live Interactive Course

Our live course gifts you with the skills you need to grow your income quickly and easily.

  • How to Notarize Documents

In just a few live sessions, you will know how to stamp and sign documents with ease.

  • All Apostilles, All the Time!

Learn the industry secrets behind the notary industry’s most treasured puzzle piece.

  • Building A Lucrative Notary Signing Agency

Here is how you can put together a team of mobile notaries that WORK FOR YOU.

  • The Master's Course Live and Archived Sessions

Learn how to work with your middlemen in just a few short courses.

  • How To Start A Notary Business From Home

This course gives you a 360° view on starting a notary business – with you in the manager’s chair!

  • Document Deep Dive

Learn about the types of documents you’ll notarize from now on.


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Your Instructor

Andre C Hatchett
Andre C Hatchett

Andre C. Hatchett is a nationally acclaimed entrepreneur, philanthropist, owner of Priority Notary, Manhattan Apostille Services , and New Jersey Apostille Services. Andre has successfully operated profitable notary businesses over the past 15 years despite downturns in the economy during the financial crisis from 2007-2010. He has taken his knowledge and expertise of the industry to create a course that teach others how to live life on their terms as a mobile notary public. If you would like to learn how to own, operate, and grow your own recession proof business with low startup costs, this course is perfect for you. Enroll now to The Notary Business School, if you desire to have a life of financial freedom, regardless of how the economy is doing.

Course Curriculum

Courses Included with Purchase

Sign And Stamp with Confidence! - Learn How To Notarize Documents
Andre C Hatchett
How To Go From 0 - $2k a month As a Notary Entrepreneur!
Perfect for beginners!
Andre C Hatchett
Fingerprinting Academy
Andre C Hatchett
All Apostilles Live Interactive Course!
The most lucrative, yet the least sought-after aspect of The Mobile Notary industry.
Andre C Hatchett
Alumni Testimonials!
Andre C Hatchett
How To Build a Successful Notary Signing Agency
Everything you need to know about growing a successful team of Mobile Notaries to work for you.
1 Course Bundle
Document Review (Self-Study)
What types of documents will I notarize?
Andre C Hatchett

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