Andre & Friends Business Training Weekends!

Andre will show you how to build your own economy!

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We are going on TOUR!!

We will be doing weekend workshops. Not motivational. Step-by-step action plans!

Mrs. Kendra Barnes

  • How to manage your own rental portfolio
  • How to use Airbnb to grow your rental income
  • How to obtain a 2 million Real Estate portfolio!

Real Estate Investing 202 workshop by Forbes writer Scottie Smith II!!

  • How to Flip your first property
  • Real Estate Development - From the ground up
  • Grants and downpayment assistance Andre C. Hatchett
  • And MORE!

Here from our past guests!

Real Estate investing 202 workshops by Shawneequa Badger

  • How to qualify for a mortgage
  • Buying a primary residence and investment properties in Okalnd the sounding areas
  • Grants and downpayment assistance
  • And MORE!

Ericka S. Williams - Tax Lien Expert

  • What States offer the highest ROI's
  • What States to avoid
  • Published Author
  • And MORE!

Andre C. Hatchett -

Step-by-step breakdown on how to start a six-figure plus online course

How to earn $60-$275 per appointment as a mobile notary public. And how

We look forward to seeing you!

Go to AndreAndFriends.com to purchase your tickets!

Your Instructor

Andre C Hatchett
Andre C Hatchett

Founder at Andres Notary School, President at Black Men Doing It. and President/Owner at Manhattan Apostille Services, Inc.

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